A watercolour with pen piece about how when women are on their periods, in India, they are not allowed to be associated with their religion.

Flow, 63 x 27 cm, Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper, 2018

In India when females are menstruating they are unable to be religiously affiliated, this personally affected me recently in a veneration thus Flow was created. Milk is a common offering given to Hindu Gods, however in Flow the milk carton pours red and pink shades of watercolour instead of holy milk. I used watercolour because I thought it was an appropriate medium to show liquidity. The recurring reds on the milk carton and the Goddess resemble blood to show my anger towards this custom.

I altered the text on the milk carton to words which I have been told by my family members. Below is a close up. 



Below are my sketchbook pages showing all the materials I tested on before deciding to produce my piece with watercolours.

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